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What questions do you have?

If you damage or lose any equipment or accessory from the motorhome during your trip, you must immediately contact us. It’s important to notify us about the issue so that we can provide you with specific guidance on how to proceed. In many cases, you may be responsible for the financial costs of the damage or loss, so having adequate insurance or understanding the rental policies before embarking on the trip is crucial.

To keep the motorhome clean and tidy during your trip with us, we advise you to store your belongings and utensils in an organized manner in the designated spaces to prevent clutter. Additionally, dispose of trash in disposable bags and regularly empty them into appropriate containers to maintain a clean and fresh environment inside the motorhome.

Yes, you can rent additional accessories for your motorhome. Currently, we include accessories such as a barbecue, chairs, and tables in the rental. Additionally, we offer the option to add satellite internet for an additional cost of $10 per day for those who wish to stay connected during their trip.

For water, the included bottle of potable water should be sufficient for a weekend, but if you plan to travel for a longer period or to areas with limited water access, it’s advisable to carry additional water. Each camper has a capacity of 60 gallons of non-potable water used for showers, toilet, sink, kitchen, and refrigerator during a multi-day trip. Water conservation is crucial!

Regarding fuel, consumption varies depending on the camper model. If you provide the fuel consumption per kilometer for the different models (JARAGUA, Hatuey, Caracol), I can offer a more accurate estimate of how much fuel to carry based on your route and the distance to travel.

To plan a travel itinerary with Yaya Campers, start by choosing your favorite destinations and routes, considering your available time and budget. You can select one of the offered predetermined routes and choose the camper that best suits your needs and the number of travelers joining you. If you opt for a trip without included meals, it’s advisable to bring easy-to-cook food to save time on cleaning and avoid taking up too much space. Additionally, make sure to pack light clothing and avoid overpacking, as most of our destinations are near beaches and rivers, allowing you to enjoy nature more comfortably and relaxed.

Previous experience in driving motorhomes is not necessary, but a specific license is required to drive these types of vehicles. License requirements may vary by country, but in most places, a Category 3 or C license for heavy vehicles with more than six wheels, which include motorhomes, is needed.

You can camp with a motorhome in a variety of pre-selected places we have for you. If you wish to explore new camping spots, contact us, and we’ll assess their suitability, ensuring you enjoy safe and beautiful locations throughout the country. Respecting local regulations ensures a responsible and enjoyable camping experience.

When traveling in a motorhome, prioritize safety by keeping all passengers seated while the vehicle is in motion. Ensure that loose items are properly secured to prevent falls and potential injuries during the drive. Additionally, when stepping out of the camper for activities, always lock the door to maintain a safe and secure environment. These precautions are essential to ensure a safe and smooth motorhome journey.

For those traveling in a motorhome for the first time, it’s crucial to make the most out of the experience. If you’re the driver, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the central command system, which allows you to monitor water levels, manage power, and perform other important functions. It’s also advisable to bring convenient food and keep luggage light for a more comfortable experience. Don’t forget to take advantage of the guidance and training provided by Yaya Campers’ experienced drivers for a smooth and fun-filled journey.

All our motorhomes are equipped with a three-burner stove and kitchen accessories, along with a microwave for added convenience during your trip. Additionally, our Bohio, Batu, and Caracol campers include a portable camping stove to offer versatile cooking options while you explore.

The campers with a mandatory driver are Jaragua and Enriquillo. The camper with an optional driver is Hatuey. The driverless campers are Bohio, Batu, and Caracol.

Before returning the motorhome at the end of the rental, it’s important to do a thorough check to make sure no belongings are left inside the camper. Also, make sure that all appliances and systems are turned off.

Full refund if canceled 15 days prior to the reservation date.
Full refund if canceled within 24 hours and/or 5 days before the reservation.
If canceled after 4 days, a 50% refund of the amount paid is issued.
Delivery policies: The camper can be delivered at no additional cost to any destination within the national district starting at 9:00 am.

Delivery restrictions:
Check-in: 9:00 am
Check-out: 4:00 pm

Privacy policies

Exceptional circumstances: In some cases, if there are medical emergencies or natural disasters in the camping areas, a full refund is issued.

To ensure the availability of a motorhome, it’s advisable to make the reservation in advance, especially during the peak travel season. It’s best to book at least 7 days in advance to ensure that the camper is ready and prepared for your adventure.

Our priority is to provide maximum convenience to our customers, so we offer the pickup and delivery service of the camper at your doorstep within the National District of Santo Domingo at no additional cost. For those outside this area, we provide a transfer service for an additional fee, ensuring that your rental experience is as convenient as possible.

All the information about what is included in each of our campers can be found in the description provided at the following link on our website: Yaya- CAMPERS

Usually, during each trip, there are stops where you can enjoy pre-prepared food. However, we always encourage you to cook your own meals in the campers, as they come fully equipped for this purpose. That way, you can fully experience camping in a motorhome.

The safety at camping destinations can vary depending on the location. Some campsites may have navy or private security presence, which can offer a higher level of protection. However, it’s important to take extra precautions, such as properly securing belongings, to ensure a safe camping experience regardless of the security presence.

Motorhomes have tanks that store the waste accumulated during the journey. In case one of the tanks gets full during the trip, we have a mobile tank that ensures a seamless experience.

The driver sleeps in a nearby hotel or in a tent. In each experience, we also cover their meal expenses.

When driving a motorhome, keep in mind the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with local traffic regulations.
  • Be cautious on narrow roads, potholes, and uneven surfaces.
  • Plan your routes in advance and consider low bridges or overpasses.
  • Be careful when parking and maneuvering the vehicle.
  • Secure all loose objects inside the motorhome before driving.
  • Empty gray and black waters to avoid unpleasant odors.
  • Park on level ground.
  • For optimal use, turn off the power plant every 6 hours and let it rest for at least 2 hours.

On the road:

  • Beware of vehicle height; many branches can damage roof accessories.
  • Do not exceed 80 km/h.
  • Always stay on the right side.
  • Everyone should be seated, and nothing should be placed on the table while the camper is in motion.
  • Yield when necessary.
  • Campers are prohibited in tunnels and overpasses (applies only in the city).
  • Driving before 5:00 am and after 8:00 pm is prohibited

  • Copy of your ID and all accompanying individuals’ IDs
  • Refundable deposit of US$500.00
  • Send the destination route
  • Reservation with 30% down payment and the remaining payment 7 days before boarding.
  • Signing of our rental agreement

It all depends on the camper you’re taking for your adventure. You can check this link to see the details of each camper:

We understand that pets are an integral part of the family; therefore, we accept pets in all our campers. It’s essential to consider that any damage caused to the camper by the pet is not covered during your stay.

For smokers, we recommend doing so outside the campers as some have sensitive smoke detectors that can be easily triggered.

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