Santo Domingo
Ave. España, frente al Acuario Nacional,
Santo Domingo Este, República Dominicana
  • 4 days
  • 1 suggested camping site
  • 4 suggested stops
  • Activity options


Looking for adventures, sunsets, waves, and plenty of excitement. On the first day, we set out from Santo Domingo heading north to Puerto Plata. We made stops at Salto de Jima (Bonao), Los Charcos de Damajagua, and enjoyed the sunset at Isabel Torres Park in Puerto Plata. We parked at Playa Encuentro, where we set up our own camp around the van, complete with a campfire to cook our dinner. On the morning of the second day, we caught a few waves at Playa Encuentro and then continued along the northern coast, passing through the beachside towns, surrounded by palm trees, sun, and the blue skies of Gaspar Hernandez, Rio San Juan, Cabrera, and Nagua, until we reached Playa Los Cocos in Nagua. On the third day, after breakfast by the sea, we stopped by Laguna Dudu for a refreshing dip in its crystal-clear waters and then continued our journey to Samana Bay. There, we had lunch in the town on the Malecon, and then continued to Playa El Valle for one last sunset at one of our favorite beaches on the island. We ended the day with a final yoga session, greeting the sun, and prepared our last dinner under the moonlight. On the fourth and final day, we made our way back to Santo Domingo. On the return journey, we took one last refreshing swim in the cool waters of Salto Socoa, concluding our nature-filled adventure. Right there, we prepared our last meal and then continued the journey back to Santo Domingo, savoring the last rays of the sun.

Day 1
9:00 am – Salto de Jima (Bonao)
12:00 pm – Isabel de Torres, Puerto Plata
1:00 pm – Lunch
6:00 pm – Encuentro Beach

Day 2
11:00 am – Gri Gri Lagoon, natural swimming pool, natural bridge
12:30 am – Lunch
2:00 pm – Saltadero
4:00 pm – Dudu Lagoon
6:00 pm – Los Cocos Beach, Nagua

Day 3
10:00 am – La Gran Laguna
12:00 pm – Lunch in Las Terrenas
1:00 pm – Punta Popy Beach/Portillo/Bonita/Ballenas
7:00 pm – Las Ballenas Beach, Samana

Day 4
9:00 am – Breakfast
11:00 am – Salto del Limon waterfall
1:00 pm – Lunch
4:00 pm – Socoa Waterfall
7:00 pm – Santo Domingo

Jima Falls in Bonao
An awe-inspiring waterfall that tumbles in a natural setting surrounded by lush vegetation, offering visitors a serene and refreshing oasis.

Isabel de Torres in Puerto Plata
An imposing peak that provides spectacular panoramic views of the city and the sea from its cable car, delivering a memorable experience high in the mountains.

Playa Encuentro in Cabarete
A paradise for surf enthusiasts, with its consistent waves and laid-back atmosphere, ideal for enjoying water sports and the rhythm of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Laguna Gri Gri in Río San Juan
A natural reserve that offers a unique boating experience through mangroves and calm waters, taking visitors to discover the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of the area.

Saltadero in Cabrera
An impressive waterfall that cascades into a natural pool, providing an oasis of freshness amidst the mountains, perfect for relaxation and enjoying nature.

Laguna Dudu in Cabrera
A hidden oasis with turquoise waters where visitors can swim, snorkel, and enjoy leaps from platforms into its depths, creating an exciting and refreshing experience.

Las Terrenas in Samaná
A picturesque beach that offers a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, where tourists can bask in the sun, white sandy shores, and crystal-clear waters, as well as explore its vibrant gastronomic and cultural scene.

Salto del Limón in Samaná
An iconic 50-meter waterfall that plunges into a natural pool, surrounded by a stunning jungle setting, offering an unforgettable and refreshing experience in the heart of nature.

Socoa Waterfall in Bonao
A multi-tiered waterfall that seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings, providing visitors with a tranquil space and a fascinating view while immersing in crystal-clear waters.

Starting the day with breakfast at “Miguelina” or “Parador Turey” in Monseñor Nouel, Dominican Republic, is a delightful experience of authentic Dominican flavors. From mangú to fried cheese, these places offer a morning feast that combines tradition and taste in a cozy atmosphere.

Enjoying lunch in Puerto Plata provides an opportunity to explore the rich local cuisine in a vibrant city. Restaurants like “La Casita de Papi” or “Mares Restaurant” offer a variety of traditional dishes and fresh seafood, allowing visitors to savor authentic Dominican cuisine with a coastal twist.

Dinner in Cabrera is a memorable culinary experience. Places like “El Saltadero” or “Blue Lagoon Restaurant” provide a unique setting to taste gourmet and authentic dishes in a relaxed environment. Savoring fresh seafood and Dominican delights under the stars is the perfect complement to a special evening.

A lunch in Las Terrenas combines coastal beauty with local cuisine. Restaurants like “La Yuca Caliente” or “El Pescador” offer fresh seafood dishes and typical Dominican options, allowing diners to enjoy delicious food in a picturesque beach setting.

Each of these places in different parts of the Dominican Republic offers a unique culinary experience, blending authentic flavors with charming settings, creating taste memories that will last long after the meal.

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