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Discovering the History Behind the Names of Yaya Campers

Immersing oneself in the roots of our culture is a beautiful experience, and it is precisely this connection with our roots that inspires Yaya Campers. The word «yaya» means Great Spirit in Taino, and this election reflects our deep connection with the historical wealth of the Dominican Republic.

Let us tell you the fascinating story behind the names we’ve given each of our campers, each with a special meaning that highlights highlights our history and culture.

  1. Enriquillo:The Rebellion that Gave Origin

Enriquillo, the camper that represents the birth of our business, is named after a Taino leader who rose up in rebellion. The business grew out of that same rebellion, creating an innovative tourism approach in the Dominican Republic. In 1533, Enriquillo accepted the peace offered by the Spanish and was honored with the title of «don» by the Spanish crown, an honor reserved for the nobility.

  1. Hatuey: The First Rebel of America

Hatuey, a fighter against the Spanish conquerors, is named after the First Rebel of America. This honorary historical title pays tribute to their courage and resistance against oppression.

  1. Jaragua: Reflection of Greatness

Our largest camper is named after Jaragua, the largest chiefdom in Hispaniola. This name represents not only the breadth of our camper, but also the greatness of this historic territory.

  1. Bohío: A Tribute to Our Taino Ancestors

Bohío takes its name from the homes of our Taino ancestors. The colors and shapes of the camper allude to the bohios, wooden constructions, straw and mud where the Tainos lived. This name is a tribute to our cultural heritage.

  1. Batu: Taino Inspired Fun

The VW Kombi, our most fun camper, is named after Batu, inspired by a Taino game. The game involved throwing the batu into the air, fighting not to drop it on their respective sides and returning it with any part of the body except the hands. Batu is a joyful reminder of the fun we can find at our roots.

Each name tells a story, capturing the essence of our rich Taino heritage and celebrating the courage, endurance and joy of our people. Join us at Yaya Campers to explore the Dominican Republic in a unique and meaningful way. ¡ We invite you to be part of this unique experience!

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