Santo Domingo
Ave. España, frente al Acuario Nacional,
Santo Domingo Este, República Dominicana

Let’s connect with our origins!

Life, sometimes, leads us to question if we are really experiencing it, enjoying it and feeling it. We spend years in the same place without noticing our surroundings, until suddenly the sea breeze caresses our face and the sound of the waves calls us to wake up.

Imagine preparing everything for a unique adventure, even making a list so you don’t forget anything. The engines start, and with a clear direction, you begin to roll with an emotion that runs through your entire body. Happiness grows, and the adventurous spirit takes control, allowing you to be, feel and live fully.

You sing at the top of your lungs with your friends who are always by your side. You are the driver, cheering with the best playlist, while the snacks are prepared to feed the body and continue enjoying.

Without realizing it, you arrive at the destination that the waves have invited you to discover. You go out barefoot to connect with your land, Quisqueya the beautiful, who always awaits you with open arms. This is where you recognize yourself and see your land as it really is: fighter, present, a land that loves you and cares for you, always ready to receive you.

What are you waiting for to reconnect? It’s time to take roadtrips around Quisqueya. Yaya Campers invites you. Are you ready for RV camping in the Dominican Republic? Join the experience!

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